Thursday, August 19, 2021

Publisher problems



This seems to be the fate if this series. This is the third time I have had issues with it. Now, the current publisher has vanished. They stopped paying royalties a year ago. They have not replied to emails for months and months. I have requested my rights back, as THEY broke contract. And they are still selling my book...months after I asked them to stop. 






Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

PRG Readers Choice Awards - BLOOD DIVIDED wins second place!


Hi all,

I was shocked to be nominated this year. As you can imagine, the SOUL WAR books are Epic Fantasy, not Paranormal Romance. But the PRG has always been kind to me. They read and reviewed BLOOD DIVIDED and felt it had enough elements in it to be considered. 

When I got the nomination, I went to work promoting the awards on FB and Instagram. Actually reached out to some of my readers in toy groups too.

Here are the results. I tied for 2nd place. Not bad. Like I said, this is a fantasy book competing with PNR in and PNR awards. So yeah, I am proud of the results. 

I would have had a solid 2nd place, no tie, but my neighbor forgot to vote. Next time my doggie poops on his lawn, maybe I will forget to pick it up. Know what I mean? lol. Just kidding...

In other news, I just sent book three of four of the SOUL WAR series to the publisher. So maybe we will see it in print in a year. End of 2021? Maybe. Probably early 2022.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Saturday, December 5, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED Wins an Award!


  Hi all,

So, a month ago, Literary Titan reviewed my newest book. Here is the link: Blood Divided | LITERARY TITAN

They have reviewed all my works. And normally like them a lot . But this review really seemed to get what I was going for in the book. I was very impressed with it. And it was only 4 stars!

 "Breaux does not clutter his books with needless characters. While this particular book centers around the four children of Opal, Tala and Karn, the secondary characters all have purpose. Breaux excels at character development. No one feels out of place, not one character feels like a simple plot device. It is also refreshing to have a male author who writes such strong female leads. There are no damsels in distress in these pages."

Pretty good, right?

Each month they pick their favorite works and my book was chosen. Here is the link:  Literary Titan Book Awards December 2020 | LITERARY TITAN

I am very happy that they enjoyed it. And very happy to have won this award. 

I hope that more people read this series and start posting reviews. It seems harder than ever to get readers to pick up your books, and nearly impossible at times for them to post their thoughts. I enjoy reading what people think of my stories and characters. I really-really do. Good or bad.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux