Friday, March 30, 2012

Faces for the Characters of the Soul Born Saga

Hi all,

I have cast my characters before, and you can see the lists of the actors who I think should play them on my author site, at the bottom of each book's page, but I wanted to post some faces for the names. Here are some photos of the actors who I had in mind when writing the main characters of SOUL BORN and BLOOD DIVIDED. I often wonder who readers think would be the best fit. Email me your thoughts.

OPAL - Bijou Phillips (perfect match)

TALA - Kelly Brook (needs yellow-green hair)

MEGAN - Odette Yustman

AUTUMN - Minka Kelly (needs blond hair)

KARN - KHAOS - Eric Etebari (unshaven for Khaos) (thanks TNT)

VASCHE - Joe Maganiello (best match I can imagine)

DUKE ETHAN-KING ETHAN - Dennis Quaid (tough to match)

RED FAWN - Jen Page (great fit for Red Fawn)

You can cast Soul Born at here:

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Thanks so much!

Kevin James Breaux