Thursday, February 20, 2014

SOUL BORN SAGA Rights Return to Kevin James Breaux

Hi all,


The rights to the Soul Born Saga are returning to me in 3/2014. 

That's great news!

I'm already at work re-editing SOUL BORN. It needed it! I think everyone who has read it will be impressed with the new version when it's released later this year. I'm cleaning and polishing it up real good. :)

I will do a re-edit on BLOOD DIVIDED afterwards.

And then... yes... finally... then FLESH ENDED will get another edit pass (doesn't really need it) and it will be released. I expect that to happen in 2015.

Sorry about the delay. Sorry about the silence. Those of you following me on FB probably already knew this. I was letting hints slip for the last few weeks.

And thanks for all the emails lately. Lots of questions. Lots of compliments. You know me, I'm replying to them all.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux