Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SOUL BORN cover quotes and review quotes.

Quotes are fun.

"Kevin Breaux has a unique style: bold, funny, aggressive and dynamic.  SOUL BORN is a rollicking high fantasy adventure!" --NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry, author of The King of Plagues and Rot & Ruin.

"There's a TON of great imagery in the book to pull from, But Opal definitely steals the show. I think she is such a visually evocative character, that'd it'd be a shame not to make the cover about her and her magic."  --Dan Dos Santos.

"With Soul Born, Kevin James Breaux carves out his own fresh turf in the world of dark high fantasy." --Gregory Frost, author of SHADOWBRIDGE

"Soul Born is a fantastic page-turning beginning to author Kevin Breaux’s fantasy trilogy."
-Douglas Cobb, Book Spot Central

"Kevin James Breaux created a world complete with a gritty heroine, high-stakes magic, and intense action. Readers are left on the edge of their seats. Barbaric battle scenes, fierces heroines, and an intense storyline make for a wild ride. Fantasy fans will not be disappointed..." -Ellz Reads

"This is a classic D&D style read. If you enjoy fantasy books, in the form of RPG's, this book is for you." -Sherri Dub

"Soul Born is a fascinating chronicle of the battle between good and evil, the forces of nature pitted against the corruptive elements of excessive power." - Bitten By Books

""Soul Born" is a fast paced and fun world of fantasy, highly recommended reading." - Midwest Book Review

"One of the best fantasy novels I've read! ...I am now officially obsessed with all things Soul Born!" - Kiki The Caffeinated Diva

"It's a fantastic book. I have a review for it going live this month so watch out for that. Kevin is a very talented author but more importantly he stops you feeling like a geek whilst reading fantasy... he really is one of those authors that make you think; 'Damn Fantasy is Cool'." - Fantasy Faction

"Reading @kevinBreaux 's Soul Born for the 2nd time! - Hot, Fun, Epic Fantasy that follows genre convention yet twists it and makes it fresh." --Fantasy Faction

"Finished reading 'Soul Born' by @KevinBreaux - a fantastic fantasy novel from an exciting new author." -Pearse Coles

"Personally I saw Opal as a fatally flawed heroine with issues, and I'm guessing she can't ever be accepted or find what she wants as it would spoil her character appeal but that's obviously for you to decide! I never saw her as evil just easily misled, and she only developed a backbone for making her own decisions at the end in my opinion." - Pearse Coles

"Kevin James Breaux:  The author contacted me about reviewing his debut novel Soul Born and I am so glad he did.  I just started it last night, and even just having started it, I am engrossed.  It is the first of a trilogy and the story telling is incredible!" -Caffeinated Diva Book Review Blog

"Obsessed with my current book, Soul Born, by @KevinBreaux! Fantastic book! #reading" --http://multifacetedmama.com/index.php

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