Saturday, September 22, 2018

Soul Born update. New version. New Release. All SOON!

Hi all,

SOUL BORN is back! And I spent this summer editing it with the publisher. And now it is in the final proofread stage. It will be available for pre-orders soon.

You know me. I wanted this to happen and when it did I have a few concerns. Get it re-edited nice and clean. AND, if new cover art was needed, I wanted to pick the artist.

Guess what... I picked the artist. :)

So, I can't wait to show the new cover off. I have only seen a few samples. It's great!

Anyway, Soul Born will be back and I will be supporting it at book signings and blogs and such.

I need you guys, the faithful fans of it, to help support this new version. I want to get BLOOD DIVIDED out to you after...and most importantly the two unpublished sequels.

Finally everyone will be able to read how the story ends!!!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux