Tuesday, February 5, 2019

SOUL BORN Review - New 5 star review at Reader's Favorites!

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This is such a great thing for an author. Waking up one morning and going about the daily chores only to find a new review...and a really good one!

Check it out!!

"In Soul Born by Kevin James Breaux, a phenomenal conflict for the control of the lands of Illyia takes place and it features powerful characters and magic. Opal has never been given the attention she deserves by her instructors. Imbued with magic, she grabs the opportunity to step up when a shadowy warlord sets out to conquer Illyia. She is embroiled in a fight of great proportions. Along comes Tala, the beautiful elf who has had her share of suffering after an unjust banishment. Karn is another character with a mysterious past. Each character has a unique background and a powerful gift, but can they stop what is coming their way?
I enjoyed the characters, starting with Tala whose story opens the narrative, and Karn who is wounded and gets help from Opal. The points of view are impeccably done, each chapter dedicated to one character, and focused scenes, a style of writing that enhances the suspense. The characters feature beasts, magical creatures, and enemies that are exceptionally strong and cunning. I was gripped from the first paragraph which begins in the heart of the action, introducing readers to one of the key characters of the story: "The snap of a stick echoed in the ears of the young elven woman as she fled through the murky midnight forest, her pale violet eyes like those of a predatory bird, searching and scanning her surroundings. In this chase, however, she was the prey." Kevin James Breaux has a unique gift for storytelling, the ability to create strong plot points and a conflict that carries the story forward. The prose is excellent, the characters believable, and elements of the setting so neatly woven into the story. Soul Born is a beautiful story that will entice fans of epic fantasy and readers seeking an entertaining escape."
 --by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

I hope you all get a chance to read it. Remember to check out BN sales or grab it at a discount from the publisher.


Kevin James Breaux