Saturday, December 5, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED Wins an Award!


  Hi all,

So, a month ago, Literary Titan reviewed my newest book. Here is the link: Blood Divided | LITERARY TITAN

They have reviewed all my works. And normally like them a lot . But this review really seemed to get what I was going for in the book. I was very impressed with it. And it was only 4 stars!

 "Breaux does not clutter his books with needless characters. While this particular book centers around the four children of Opal, Tala and Karn, the secondary characters all have purpose. Breaux excels at character development. No one feels out of place, not one character feels like a simple plot device. It is also refreshing to have a male author who writes such strong female leads. There are no damsels in distress in these pages."

Pretty good, right?

Each month they pick their favorite works and my book was chosen. Here is the link:  Literary Titan Book Awards December 2020 | LITERARY TITAN

I am very happy that they enjoyed it. And very happy to have won this award. 

I hope that more people read this series and start posting reviews. It seems harder than ever to get readers to pick up your books, and nearly impossible at times for them to post their thoughts. I enjoy reading what people think of my stories and characters. I really-really do. Good or bad.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux




Tuesday, October 13, 2020

5 Star Book Review for BLOOD DIVIDED by Kevin James Breaux


Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers' Favorite - 5 Stars!

Blood Divided: Book 2 in the Soul War Series by Kevin James Breaux is a highly entertaining fantasy epic. It's a follow-up to the first book in the series, Soul Born, with some familiar characters, and the introduction of new ones too. In this new offering, it picks up two decades after the first story ends, which makes fans eagerly wonder what has taken place during that time, and what the characters are like now, and what lies in store for them. The epic opens with Tala, and then the rest of the dynamic mix of characters enter as the unpredictable plot unfolds. There is a lot going on in this novel, and it's nice to know the background of the story, but unnecessary as this one definitely stands by itself.

What I like about the saga is the author's skill at creating memorable characters and interesting descriptions. These are worlds and scenarios you could only imagine, but Breaux brings them to life in such visceral detail. The characters are inventive as well, like the werewolf Zian. You will be intrigued by Megan, Nathan, Autumn, and Lucien, the offspring of the trio Opal, Karn, and Tala. This story is mainly about them, and the force of nature they become when they combine their strengths and talents. I'm always fascinated with next-generation stories and continuing legacies, and this one doesn't disappoint. Told from varying viewpoints, you get a comprehensive understanding of the plot and motivations. And, to me, Khaos is a standout character, even if he is an enemy and definitely on the dark side. If you want to become lost in a solid fantasy novel with magic, elves, fairies, good versus evil, exciting battles, and memorable characters, take some time to read Blood Divided by Kevin James Breaux.


Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, October 5, 2020


 Hi all,

Here are the opening pages of BLOOD DIVIDED. Enjoy! 

Tala sat on the edge of the bed in the royal chambers, the king’s hand tightly squeezed in hers. An early morning breeze blew in from an open window and scattered her yellow-green hair across her face, but she left it where it lay. She did not move—hardly blinked. Tala’s heart, like her limbs, felt as heavy as stone.

The best healers in Kel Tora rushed about the room like buzzing honeybees. All the while, herbalists and apothecaries mixed ingredients into medicines they promised would help but hadn’t. Not yet.

Now in his late fifties, King Ethan Essex did not appear his age, in fact, Tala felt he looked as well-built as the day they wed.

On good days, he stood tall and sturdy, his chest filled with pride and confidence. But today was not a good day. Today, the king wheezed and moaned.

Tala did not need the humans to tell her his condition had worsened. She was an elf, in tune with nature, and she could smell it: the king, her husband, was dying.

“His skin is on fire…” she said to one of the nurses who dashed off to fetch another cold towel in response.

“The summit is a week away,” the senior advisor, a man equal to the king’s age said, as he approached. “Kel Tora needs him healthy. All of Illyia needs him healthy.”

“And I told you he needed rest. Give him rest, and he will be fine.”


Tala sneered, as a sour taste invaded her mouth. The mere mention of the kingdom that revolted and denied allegiance to her king heated her blood. “Every time he hears of Joa’ta’s growing treachery, he falls ill. Someone should take the baroness’s head…I should take the baroness’s head.”

“Not since the Great War—”

“The Great War,” Tala sighed, “Ethan fought in and survived the Great War.”

“We all did.”

Tala shook her head, albeit minimally. “Not all.”

“My apologies,” he said with a bow. “Poor choice of words.”

“So…so long ago…” Tala reflected as she gazed reverently at the unconscious king. “You were named King of Illyia. The human monarchies met and chose you over all others. Only you were strong enough, mind and body, to rule in such chaos, and you ruled…rule us wisely.”

“Justly.” The senior advisor added.

“Has there ever been a kinder and fairer king in all of your human histories?” Tala asked.

The king rolled his head to the side; Tala could see his eyes aflutter under his eyelids. She clenched her other hand on his shoulder. “Fight this, Ethan. You are needed. Only you.”

“What will you tell the prince and—?”

Tala did not want to hear the remainder of this advisor’s question. “I don’t know!” she snapped.

A moment of silence passed, during which all Tala heard was the king’s breathing overlapped by the anxious whispers of the healers.

“What exactly were you discussing when he…when he collapsed?”

“Plans. You know our laws. You know I-I cannot discuss the kingdom’s plans with you in detail.”

Tala closed her eyes and caged a shout that quickly built in her throat. She watched as the senior advisor crossed his arms and could tell by his stance—his eyes—that he held back his words too.

“Tala,” the king coughed as he woke.

“Yes, my lord,” she said with a warm smile. “I’m here. I am here with you. Your healers, your advisor, your guards, we’re all here with you.”

“My son?”

“Doing his duty to Kel Tora and the rest of Illyia, as always.”

King Essex rubbed his eyes and then turned his full attention to the senior advisor. “The riders? Our scouts?”

The advisor glanced briefly at Tala before he answered. “We should be seeing their return soon.”

“Good.” He haggardly sat up. “It gives me just enough time.”

“To what?” Tala asked. “You need to rest.”

When the king moved his legs over the side of the bed, it forced Tala to stand. “If there’s to be a future for my son and daughter, for all the sons and daughters, then Illyia needs me.”

“My lord, you need—” one of the healers spoke up.

“Parchment, quill and ink,” he said. “Some water, too, please. And let the people of Kel Tora know their guardian wishes to speak with them tonight.”

When he stood, Tala could not believe her eyes. He looked, if only for a moment, as strong as the day she met him.

“What will you say?” she asked, deeply intrigued.
     He straightened himself a moment before he answered. “The First Day is less than a week away; I want everyone to treat it as they have in the past. I want them to celebrate the future. I want them to know that everything will be okay. To trust in the strength of Illyia, Kel Tora, her people, and—”

“And you, her king.”

King Ethan Essex nodded. “Yes, and me.”



Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED cover reveal and release date!

 Hi all!

Here it is, the cover of BLOOD DIVIDED. I love the art, but the graphic design is a little in not matched with book one. No idea why the publisher or graphic designer did this. Hmm....

Regardless, it is a great book and it is out September 15th. Look for it on Amazon and Paperback and Nook and Kindle. 

Here is a link to the paperback on Amazon.

I really feel like this book is the most important one in the series of four. It focuses on Tala and the next generation after the events of SOUL BORN. It also lays the foundation for the following two action-packed books. 

Give it a try. 


Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED Cover Art Reveal!

 Hi all!

With the release of BLOOD DIVIDED less than a month away, I want to share the cover painting art. This cover was done by Pablo Fernadez Angulo. He did the cover of SOUL BORN, and I loved it, so the publisher and I had to return to him for another amazing piece of art.

Here it is:

Tala. Blood Divided. Kevin James Breaux

This is a digital painting of Tala, the mysterious elf from SOUL BORN. Much has transpired between the books. Tala has an incredible new role to play.

Pablo did an amazing job, don't you think? 

I will post the cover design and the release dates soon!

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

SOUL BORN ORIGINS: OPAL available while you wait to read BLOOD DIVIDED

Hi all,

If you are waiting to read BLOOD DIVIDED, head over to my website (newly reworked) and pic up the free PDF that tells the tale of Opal's origin. 

Here is the direct link to the SOUL BORN page: just scroll down to the bottom. You will see the place to click and download the file. 

SOUL BORN ORIGINS: OPAL is a fun read. And gives some good insight to how Opal became the person she is in the first book. 

I have written other supplemental short stories, but they are meant to read after BLOOD DIVIDED. 

Hope you enjoy!

Kevin James Breaux

Stay safe everyone! 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED edits are done and sent to publisher

Hi all,

So it took longer than expected. Blame COVID. Blame the government...whatever you want. Wasn't me! ;)

I got the last round of BLOOD DIVIDED edits back from my publisher in April and I just finished them this week.  I worked through them all, and then reread the book. I swear, I probably made a few new mistakes while fixing that last batch. UG! 

But this is life. I am a perfectionist and I struggle and drive myself crazy. Anyway...

More good news!  Pablo, who did the first cover, has returned and is days from finishing the new cover. So expect to see an update in a week or so with the cover art sneak peek.

I have always enjoyed BLOOD DIVIDED in the series. I feel it takes the time to really show who the characters are. And it lays the foundation for the next book which is action-packed.

The series was once three books, but book three was massive. So I broke it in two and made the series four books.

Hopefully the publisher and I can get book three out in 2022. I need to rewrite some of it, edit it, proof it...etc. Wish me luck!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

SOUL BORN excerpt

Tala jammed the broken arrow end into the chain links of the armor over her shoulder and laid herself on top of the water, arms outstretched, face down.

After a few seconds of stillness, Tala peeked out of the water just enough to breathe. The cold river lapped at her long elven ears, yet she could still faintly hear the chatter of the shadow elves in the distance.

“—water, sir!” one of the shadow elves said.

“Dead?” another elf answered with stiff authority.

“Yes, sir, floating face-first.”

“Was he hit?”

“Arrow to the shoulder.”

“That makes seven. These poison-tipped arrows…”

“Should we—?”

“Deprive some animal of a good meal? No. Leave him.”

The weight of the armor started to become too much for Tala to bear. She tried to keep afloat but could not use her arms and legs to tread water or the masquerade would be ruined. She drew a deep breath before she sank.

A strong current continued to push her forward even after she struck the bottom. The icy water numbed her hands and made it almost impossible to unhook the chain mail. Suddenly, the sobering realization that she was going to drown entered her thoughts. Then her body collided with something hard, which forced out what little air had remained in her lungs.

She turned over in the water and saw the object she had crashed into—a downed tree lying half in the stream. Tala flailed around in search of something to grab onto. Her right hand hooked onto a thick branch, and with every ounce of strength, she yanked herself out of the water.

Tala’s lungs worked overtime as she pulled herself to the shore and crawled out of the water. She wanted to collapse, but she built the willpower to stand.

“Shadow elves…” Tala coughed. “Hate them.”

Kevin James Breaux