Thursday, July 2, 2020

BLOOD DIVIDED edits are done and sent to publisher

Hi all,

So it took longer than expected. Blame COVID. Blame the government...whatever you want. Wasn't me! ;)

I got the last round of BLOOD DIVIDED edits back from my publisher in April and I just finished them this week.  I worked through them all, and then reread the book. I swear, I probably made a few new mistakes while fixing that last batch. UG! 

But this is life. I am a perfectionist and I struggle and drive myself crazy. Anyway...

More good news!  Pablo, who did the first cover, has returned and is days from finishing the new cover. So expect to see an update in a week or so with the cover art sneak peek.

I have always enjoyed BLOOD DIVIDED in the series. I feel it takes the time to really show who the characters are. And it lays the foundation for the next book which is action-packed.

The series was once three books, but book three was massive. So I broke it in two and made the series four books.

Hopefully the publisher and I can get book three out in 2022. I need to rewrite some of it, edit it, proof it...etc. Wish me luck!

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux