Tuesday, March 2, 2021

PRG Readers Choice Awards - BLOOD DIVIDED wins second place!


Hi all,

I was shocked to be nominated this year. As you can imagine, the SOUL WAR books are Epic Fantasy, not Paranormal Romance. But the PRG has always been kind to me. They read and reviewed BLOOD DIVIDED and felt it had enough elements in it to be considered. 

When I got the nomination, I went to work promoting the awards on FB and Instagram. Actually reached out to some of my readers in toy groups too.

Here are the results. I tied for 2nd place. Not bad. Like I said, this is a fantasy book competing with PNR in and PNR awards. So yeah, I am proud of the results. 

I would have had a solid 2nd place, no tie, but my neighbor forgot to vote. Next time my doggie poops on his lawn, maybe I will forget to pick it up. Know what I mean? lol. Just kidding...

In other news, I just sent book three of four of the SOUL WAR series to the publisher. So maybe we will see it in print in a year. End of 2021? Maybe. Probably early 2022.

Thanks all!

Kevin James Breaux