Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SOUL BORN - Reborn Edition is now out on Kindle

SOUL BORN - Reborn Edition is now out on Kindle.

Thank you all.

I wanted to make sure this book was fixed and released for the fans of the series. BLOOD DIVIDED will be fixed this year and re-released next year. And FLESH DIVIDED will follow soon after.

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

Friday, January 16, 2015

Soul Born Reborn Edition will be released soon on Kindle



I am getting it ready to be released on KINDLE. Very soon.

Until then, I have the newly edited SOUL BORN ORIGINS: OPAL story ready. You can download it on my website or at this direct link. It is in .PDF format.

Thanks all,

Kevin James Breaux

Monday, September 15, 2014

Soul Born new edition being reviewed by beta readers

Hi all,

SOUL BORN is currently being read by my trusted beta/test readers. Once I hear their thoughts, I should be ready to start setting it up as a Kindle Book. Thanks for waiting.

And remember, Do not buy copies of Soul Born or Blood Divided from its former publisher. He/they no longer have the rights to sell them. If you see them with copies at a convention or show, take a photo and send it to me.


Kevin James Breaux

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Soul Born new version - new edit in last stage!

Hi all,

Soul Born has been reviewed by my editor and it is back in my hands. I started work on the final stage of the edit this week. It might take me 2-3 months to finish it, as I am writing a new book, and working with my agent on projects. BUT I will have this final stage done this Summer. I'd say I am 1/10th done so far and I am scheduling time for it.

I am happy with the results. I hope you all will be too.

I will post an update here next month.

Kevin James Breaux