Tuesday, November 13, 2018

BIG NEWS!!!! The Soul Born Saga is coming!

Hi all,

As you all know, SOUL BORN was picked up by a Azure Spider Publications and will be available this week in mass release.

You can pre-order the Kindle book here: http://a.co/d/gAy0pYC

I am happy to announce even better news!!!!

I just signed a three book contract today that will see the release of the rest of the series. That means the entire Soul Born Saga will be available to read in print and ebook versions.

Soul Born - 2018
Blood Divided - 2019
Heart Bound - 2020
Flesh Ended - 2021

This is amazing. I have written all the books, but the last two have never been released or seen by anyone. Not even beta readers.

I will be fixing them up, and getting them ready for release soon. It is going to be so much fun getting these books out into the hands of new and old fans of the series.

Thanks all!

Write Makes Might!

Kevin James Breaux

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